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Welcome to the resource center! We have created the following products and courses for legal professionals to help them sharpen their skills and get up to date on the latest technology. 

10 Days of Legal Tech and Automation

Participants of the 10 Days of Legal Tech and Automation Course can access all lessons, handouts, and resources here.
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Legal Operations Field Guide eDiscovery Edition

We are excited to announce the first publication in our Legal Operations Field Guide series - the eDiscovery Edition. Created after the release of our two-volume eDiscovery Buyers Guide, this version will speak to the specific challenges in-house counsel and legal departments face.  The eBook will include product and service reviews, articles from industry thought leaders and case studies to explain how technology and litigation support services are impacting daily life.  Download your free copy today! 
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2018 eDiscovery Buyers Guide

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a handbook to explain when and how to use eDiscovery solutions without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars?  For solo, small and mid-sized law firms finding answers to eDiscovery tech questions hasn't been an easy task. Rockstar consultant and speaker Brett Burney and I have teamed up to publish the 2018 eDiscovery Buyers Guide to solve exactly this problem.  Now available, download Volumes 1 and 2 of the guide to tackle some of our most commonly heard questions, such as:   Are there any solutions that don't come with IT costs? When does a case merit the investment in eDiscovery tools? What tools can also be used for everyday casework? How can I afford tools used by large firms? Do I have to work with a consultant? Can my law firm benefit from Trial Prep services? Who are the go-to consultants that understand boutique law firm litigation? And much, much more! The guides span over twenty categories and boast more than one-hundred-thirty pages of product reviews. Combined with additional contributions from several industry experts, our goal is to de-mystify the eDiscovery product landscape. These essential guidebooks are here to be your aid for purchasing and answer the questions you may not have known to ask. Solo, small and midsized law firms have been an afterthought for many of the massive eDiscovery providers. Our opinion is because there hasn't been enough education around what tools would be a good fit for their budget or caseload.  By publishing the guides, we aim to dis-spell the misconceptions around eDiscovery tools, services, and costs. To provide use cases and valuable insights from some of the leading professionals who have worked with the solutions directly. Download both of the 2018 eDiscovery Buyers Guide Volumes today!   
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Legal Technology Buyers Guide

Case Management Systems, Virtual Receptionists and Form Tools --- Oh my! With so many options for your solo or small law firm, making a decision can be quite overwhelming. To help you trim down the list of providers I have demo'd dozens of solutions and compiled our reviews into one easy to navigate guide. Download the PDF for free, and discover features in the tools you already have or a product you may not have even heard about! BONUS! Keep an eye out for special discounts, trial offers, or savings at the end of each review.  
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Wizardry in Word for Legal Professionals

Any legal professional can draft documents faster by using the features I teach, because they were created to make formatting easier. In this course we will cover the basics of Microsoft Word, then move into a set of Power Tools you can use on a daily basis. 
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Microsoft Word - Shortcut Cheatsheet

Download our free Microsoft Word Shortcuts Cheat Sheet and keep it as a desk-side companion!  Shave time off document production by using these common keyboard shortcuts and commands. Share with your team, and have learning a new command together every week. 
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Law Firm Financial Fitness Series

If you can't already tell, I am really excited about this educational series. Because I too struggle to balance bookkeeping tasks and client work. And... just like a well-intentioned diet plan. The holidays make staying on track even harder!!! (I mean, who doesn't love pie... or a pair of clearance designer shoes?) To help get us all on track and make 2018 our best year yet, we've created an exclusive three-part series. Built to help all of us overprioritized solo and small firm owners put a plan in place before tax time comes. So, if the thought of reconciling your 2017 year makes you want to hide under your desk... sign up for the sessions now! The best part is, you don't need to watch all of them right away. You'll be given a login, so you can come back and watch them when you have time. (Yes, we understand that client meetings come first!) Sign up for the online course to get access to the following videos: Law Firm Financial Fitness Series - Avoid Tax Time Nightmares and Crush Cash Flow Problems!  Session 1: Financial Fitness – Avoid a 2018 Tax Time Nightmare! Session 2: Law Firm Financials – Manage Your Practice Like a CEO Session3: Cash Flow Mastery - Get off the rollercoaster.  **The courses will be co-hosted by Micky Deming of Kahuna Accounting. Who is the most qualified, and entertaining professional I could find to help make this series as valuable yet painless as possible!  
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How to Shop for Case Management Software!

If you are in the process of choosing a Case Management Software there are so many factors to consider. In this session I share some of the questions and situations you should consider when buying software. I’ll walk through core features, practice area specific considerations, and integrations that you commonly see among providers.
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How many times have you exhibited at a conference or a trade show, and felt like you got nothing out of it? Do you hate the idea of exhibiting, and dread having to speak to all of those people?  That’s because you’re missing a formula, a system, and the training you need to actually get value from a conference, expo or trade show.  It’s a common misconception that salespeople can sell in a booth the same way they do in everyday life. That is the furthest thing from the truth, I’ve seen customer service staff out-perform the top sales person, and in some cases even the company controller show them up. It’s about having a process, a strategy, and rehearsing that strategy before you are overwhelmed with traffic the day of the event.  Any exhibitor can increase sales and ROI by using the Rock the Expo system because it takes the guesswork out of selling on the floor and after the show. 
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Rock the Expo! Three Sales Techniques to Increase Event ROI

Trade shows, events and conferences can be profitable!  In this free whitepaper, I share three proven techniques for increasing event ROI. Download the guide and share it with your team to prepare before your next event.  
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How to Ethically Convert More Callers Into Clients with Tiffany Poole

The goal of a great law firm is to help as many clients as you can by delivering ethical and valuable legal services. Tiffany Poole aided in the architecture and strategy that grew one of America’s largest law firms to the height of its success. Now, she has systematized many of the sales, marketing, and client communication process to be used by any law practice that wishes to grow or increase their referrals. In this session, she shares how a few small changes to the conversations you have with potential new clients, during the intake, consultation and retention process can make a dramatic difference. Increase your client’s satisfaction, improve your ability to collect payments, and ensure that every person that interacts with your law firm has the best experience possible. In this session Tiffany covers: Law Firm Sales and Marketing – Ethical Boundaries  The Law Firm Growth Mindset  Ethical Conversion Call Process  Recruitment, Training & Compensation Plans  Technology  Metrics and Results
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ABA TECHSHOW Exhibitor Survival Guide

#ABATECHSHOW time is here! Whether you are a first time exhibitor or twenty plus year veteran, join us for this special series on how to prep and execute for the highest ROI possible. In this session, Legal Tech Media Group Co-Founders Cathy Kenton and Chelsey Lambert cover the basics of ABA TECHSHOW planning, tips and share some insider secrets.
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Building Your A-Team: The Guide for Recruitment, Training and Retention for Law Firms

How to build the A-Team you need to take your business to the next level. Proven systems, training courses and specialized recruiting firms for law firms.  Complete with sample Job Descriptions, Advertisements, and reviews of service providers that can help you find the talent you've been looking for. 
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Bankruptcy Buyers Guide

Practicing Bankruptcy Law requires a unique set tools and technologies. In this special Buyers Guide edition we cover the products and services available to help you run an efficient, secure and profitable practice. 
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Law Firm Buyers Guide: Virtual Receptionist, Intake and Contract Services

Outsourced receptionist, intake and advanced contract service providers have really stepped up their game. Today, these options can be used to generate revenue for the firm, instead of what many previously thought was just an expense.  Get your copy of the guide to see best practices, and reviews of the leading providers of Virtual Receptionist, Intake and Contract Services for Law Firms. 
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2019 eDiscovery Buyers Guide

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