ABA TECHSHOW Exhibitor Survival Guide by Chelsey Lambert

ABA TECHSHOW Exhibitor Survival Guide


#ABATECHSHOW time is here!

Whether you are a first time exhibitor or twenty plus year veteran, join us for this special series on how to prep and execute for the highest ROI possible.

In this sessions, we will cover the basics of ABA TECHSHOW planning, tips and share some insider secrets.

  • ABA TECHSHOW Basics - Setup and Teardown 
  • Booth Staffing 
  • Preparing Your Team 
  • Pre and Post-Show Marketing 
  • Critical Handouts 
  • Sales Techniques 
  • Swag 
  • Receptions, Parties & Taste of Techshow Dinners

What's included?

Video Icon 2 videos File Icon 5 files


ABA TECHSHOW - Sales and Marketing Survival Guide! .mp4
60 mins
ABA TECHSHOW Marketing Survival Guide_2019_FINAL .pptx
2.79 MB
ABA Techshow - Exhibitor Prep Series - Training Video .mp4
53 mins
Rock the Expo System - 3 Sales Techniques to Increase ROI - Whitepaper
113 KB
Rock the Expo System - Post Show Email Campaign Guide
537 KB
Rock the Expo System - 10 x 20 ABA TECHSHOW - Need to know sheet
93.1 KB
Rock the Expo System - 10 x 10 Booth - Small Conference - Need to Know Sheet
96.1 KB

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