How to Ethically Convert More Callers Into Clients with Tiffany Poole by Chelsey Lambert

How to Ethically Convert More Callers Into Clients with Tiffany Poole

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The goal of a great law firm is to help as many clients as you can by delivering ethical and valuable legal services.

Tiffany Poole aided in the architecture and strategy that grew one of America’s largest law firms to the height of its success.

Now, she has systematized many of the sales, marketing, and client communication process to be used by any law practice that wishes to grow or increase their referrals. In this session, she shares how a few small changes to the conversations you have with potential new clients, during the intake, consultation and retention process can make a dramatic difference. Increase your client’s satisfaction, improve your ability to collect payments, and ensure that every person that interacts with your law firm has the best experience possible.

In this session Tiffany covers:
  • Law Firm Sales and Marketing – Ethical Boundaries 
  • The Law Firm Growth Mindset 
  • Ethical Conversion Call Process 
  • Recruitment, Training & Compensation Plans 
  • Technology 
  • Metrics and Results

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